Marco Müller

<b>Golden Circle: </b>55 EUR<br><b>Cat. A: </b>48 EUR<br><b>Cat. B: </b>45 EUR<br><b>Cat. C: </b>35 EUR<br><br>Éventuelle majoration du prix à la caisse du soir

The Best of Musicals

mercredi 10. janvier 2018 20:00 mercredi 10. janvier 2018 22:00 Atrium

Original performers from London's West End and numerous dancers offer the best entertainment at the highest level.

More than 250 colourful costumes, acrobatic dance interludes and spectacular video projections carry away the viewer into the fantastic world of musicals. Enriched with anecdotes and background information in an entertaining presentation, the audience experiences a journey through over 50 years of musical history in one evening. From „Cats“ and „Phantom of the Opera“ to „The Lion King“ and „Dirty Dancing“ the show presents the biggest musical highlights. 

90 min. + 20 min. break

English and German