Christian Löffler & Detect Ensemble: Parallels Tour

vendredi 22. avril 2022 20:00 vendredi 22. avril 2022 22:00 Basilique St. Willibrord  ·  Organized by: den Atelier

Following a sold-out concert in Paris’s Philharmonie, Christian Löffler & Detect Ensemble announce further dates for his ‘Parallels’ tour

Löffler grace’s stages worldwide with his newest album, Parallels: Shellac Reworks by Christian Löffler, released via Deutsche Grammophon, which sees him rework some of the world’s greatest classical composers into his own downtempo soundscapes. The album includes Löffler’s reworks of J.S. Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Wagner, Smetana and Bizet. 

Past and present collide on stage, through the live mixing of a string quartet with Löffler’s own electronic productions. The music is also accompanied by visuals and light design made especially for the tour, in a mesmerizing and immersive audio-visual experience. 

The German musician and producer has become well known for his live sets and the energy he brings to the stage which sets off audiences on emotional journeys that range from closed-eye introspection to dance. Audiences in the Parallels tour will be some of the first to experience Löffler’s newest release in a live context. Christian Löffler has become internationally renowned for his strain of emotional electronic music, and with the Parallels tour, he is not only tributing illustrious classical composers but also re-inserting their music into contemporary discourse.

Promoter: den Atelier

In collaboration with: TRIFOLION Echternach