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Exhibition: In the footsteps of our ancestors

mercredi 6. mars 2019 13:00 dimanche 31. mars 2019 19:00 Foyer

Contemporary Australian Aboriginal art in conversation with Renaissance-style gilded sculptures from South Tyrol.

The two groups of artists may be separated by 15,000 km, but they share a similar history of knowledge and skills being passed down through the generations. By bringing Aboriginal painting into conversation with an Italian sculptor from the Dolomites in South Tyrol, this exhibition offers a glimpse into how traditions that have been passed down through countless generations are being reimagined in our contemporary era. The artworks are connected to religious ceremony and place, which is revealed through each artist’s unique expression. By taking us back to the beginning of time, across the continents, this exhibition celebrates tradition in a time of rapid change.

More information about the exhibition can be found here.