Trifo littéraire: Florence Sunnen | Lambert Schlechter

Lecture d'auteurs et discusssion en langue anglaise
lundi 05.12
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Le Trifo littéraire est une série de lectures et discussions avec des auteurs luxembourgeois dans l’ambiance décontractée du Foyer du Trifolion.L’événement est présenté par Jeff Thill du Quaichleker Bichereck.

Luxembourgish author Florence Sunnen will be reading from Archetypes, a collection of 21 character studies featuring creatures from mythology and the popular imagination who seek their place in the world. In this collection, we are invited to see the individual behind the archetype, the person behind the creature. Luxembourgish author and poet Lambert Schlechter, laureate of the Batty Weber Prize 2014 for his entire work, will read from “One day I will write a poem”, a translation of a selection of his poems.They will be talking to Jeff Thill from Quaichleker Bichereck.