Sam and the Perfect World, David Lenz, 2005, oil on linen, 44" x 46". Collection of the Milwaukee Art Museum

American Portrait Artist David Lenz

Portraits from the margins of society | Org.: U.S. Embassy in Luxembourg
Mittwoch 20.03
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David Lenz’s paintings—whether of U.S. central city children, a Wisconsin dairy-farm family, or people with intellectual disabilities—explore the particular circumstances of individuals in their respective environments. His paintings, replete with breathtaking skill and warm humanity, have been described as unflinching in their detail and realism. 

In 2006, Lenz won the grand prize in a nationwide portrait competition organized by the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. Lenz’s winning portrait, titled Sam and the Perfect World, is a painting of his son, who was born with Down syndrome. The award included a commission to paint a prominent American and the resulting work—a portrait of Eunice Kennedy Shriver—is now part of the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery’s permanent collection. 

Lenz is visiting Luxembourg at the invitation of the U.S. State Department’s Art in the Embassies Program, along with the U.S. Embassy in Luxembourg, and Ambassador Tom Barrett.